Best Electric Smokers

Smoking is one of the favorite cooking techniques of meat or BBQ lovers. It adds an extra flavor to the delicious meat you cook. There are a lot of options in the market, but electric smokers are one of the convenient tools to have smoky flavor in your meat. Below are some best electric smokers based on consumer reviews which will help you in making your purchase decision:

10 Best Electric Smokers

  1. Bradley 4-rack electric smoker BS611

    This 55-pound electric smoker manufactured by Bradley smokers is perfect for cooking in large quantity. It has cooking capacity of 572 Sq. inches with overall dimensions of 34 x 20 x 18 inches. This durable smoker is made up of Stainless-steel and also comes with a 1-year warranty to make the purchase worry-free.

    This is one of the best and trusted electric smokers available in the market. It has CleanSmoke technology which protects your food from ashy rain. It provides up to 9 hours of wood smoking. It comes with an analog smoker generator which has temperature control as well. The generator can be removed for storage during cold and rainy season for protection. It also comes with water basin to collect grease. The smoke vent allows dirty smoke to escape out and the 4-rack system allows you to cook different foods at the same time.

    Bradley Smoker


    • Comes with CleanSmoke technology
    • Stainless-steel interiors are easy to clean
    • It has insulated design and a replaceable heating element
    • Has smoke vent and smoke diffuser for clean and even smoking experience


    • It comes with additional and recurring cost of buying Bradley biscuits, instead of using regular wood chips, which is relatively expensive.
    • Many customers reported that the maximum temperature is not enough if you want to expedite the cooking process. The smoker provides low and slow cooking.

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  2. Cuisinart electric smoker

    The Fulham group is known to make the best appliances available in the market. This 51.5-pound smoker is one of them with overall dimensions of 22 x 19 x 37.5 inches. It has cooking space of 548 Sq. inches and comes with 3 chrome-coated racks. The body of the smoker is made of steel making it relatively durable.

    It is easy to use smoker which provides smoky flavor without using conventional charcoal smoker. It comes with three removable stainless-steel shelves which are easy to clean. The built-in thermometer on the door makes the temperature monitoring easy, and it can be controlled with the help of a dial having temperature range of 100-400 degrees Fahrenheit. The clean-up is easy because it also comes with wood chip and water tray; simply pull out the trays and clean them up. The added feature to the smoker is that it comes with 3-year warranty.

    Cuisinart COS-330


    • It has built-in thermometer and temperature can be controlled with a dial
    • Clean up is easy because of removable racks and trays
    • It comes with 3-year warranty
    • It is relatively affordable


    • It has only one door and to refill the wood chips or water in the trays one has to open the main door disrupting the heat and smoke levels inside the smoker.

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  3. Char-Broil deluxe electric smoker

    This 50.2-pound smoker is one of the sought-after electric smokers in the market. With overall dimensions of 16.5 x 18.1 x 32.5 inches, it provides cooking space of 725 Sq. inches. It is durable since it is made from Stainless-steel.

    It provides a large cooking space with 4 removable racks. It is properly insulated as it has double-walled construction. Glass on the main door makes the monitoring of the cooking process easy. It also comes with a large locking latch which provides a tight seal to the smoker maintaining its internal temperature and smoke. The included remote lets you control the smoker from a distance.

    Char-Broil 17202004


    • It is well insulated
    • Comes with a glass door making monitoring easy
    • Includes a remote control


    • It is too compact for its cooking capacity and putting in or taking out food can be a hassle.
    • The remote-control range is limited

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  4. Masterbuilt electric smoker

    Masterbuilt Manufacturing LLC is known for its smokers in the market. This 45.9-pound smoker is relatively lightweight than other available options. It is made from stainless-steel and is durable. The overall dimensions for the smoker are 19.88 x 20.47 x 33.26 inches and provides a cooking space of 730 Sq. inches.

    This 30-inches smoker comes with 4 smoking racks, has digital control, and a wood chip loader. The digital control lets you control the temperature and time. It also comes with thermostat control for even cooking. The wood chips can be loaded without opening the main door. It is well insulated which helps in retaining the heat.

    Masterbuilt MB20071117


    • It comes with digital control
    • It has thermostat control
    • It is well insulated
    • The external wood chip loading system is a plus


    • It comes with only 90-days warranty
    • Wood chip tray needs constant refilling

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  5. Bradley 6-rack smoker BTDS108P

    This is another talked about smoker model from Bradley Smokers. It is relatively heavy from other options with a weight of 60.5 pounds. It is made from stainless-steel and is durable. This 6-rack smoker is one of the largest electric smokers available in the market with overall dimensions of 11.5 x 15 x 33 inches and cooking space of 3432 Sq. inches.

    This 6-rack smoker is big enough to cook food for a crowd easily. The interior construction of the smoker is made from Stainless-steel and is well insulated. It can reach the maximum temperature of 280 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a smoker and oven combination with separate burners for both the zones. The racks are removable making it easy to clean. This can provide up to 8 hours of uninterrupted cooking without any wood refilling.

    Bradley Smoker Digital 6-Rack Electric Outdoor BBQ Smoker


    • Enough to make food in large quantity
    • Up to 8 hours of cooking
    • Oven and smoker combination


    • 500 watts heating element of the smoker + oven is relatively less than other options available in the market. This negatively impacts the heat retention capability of the smoker

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  6. Smokehouse Big Chief electric smoker

    This 17.57-pound electric smoker by Smokehouse is of the lightweight options available in the market. The lightweight feature of the smoker is because of the build quality of the smoker; it is made from synthetic material with 2-year warranty.

    This smoker comes with safety certifications like UL and CUL. This is easy to use as you just need to plug it in and enjoy smoking your food. It maintains a consistent low temperature for evenly smoking your food. The ventilation of the smoker allows proper smoke circulation and dehydration process.

    Smokehouse Products Big Chief Electric Smoker


    • Has safety certifications
    • Maintains low temperature for consistent smoking
    • It is easy to use
    • Comes with engineered ventilation
    • 2-year warranty


    • Its single temperature setting does not provide flexibility while cooking

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  7. Smoke Hollow SH19079518

    This 46-pound smoker is manufactured by Smoke Hollow and is yet another sought-after smoker available in the market. The overall dimensions of the smoker are 18.54 x 18.19 x 33.35 inches.

    The 800-watt heating element of the smoker provides even and consistent cooking. The three chrome-coated smoking racks are easy to clean, removable water bowl and drip pan are easy to clean. It is well insulated as well. The digital control panel of the smoker lets you adjust the time and temperature. It also comes with internal thermostat control.

    Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow SH19079518


    • It is well insulated
    • The smoker is easy to clean
    • Easy to use digital control


    • Customer service is not up to the mark

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  8. Dyna-Glo electric smoker

    This 62.2-pound smoker with overall dimensions of 19.4 x 19 x 32.5 inches provide cooking space of 732 Sq. inches.

    This smoker by GHP Group, Inc. comes with 4 chrome-coated steel racks which provide ample cooking space to cook various foods at the same time. It has 800-watt heating element useful for even and consistent heating. It comes with digital thermostat with control over temperature and time setting. The smoker is well insulated as the construction is double-walled with airtight door seal which helps in retaining the heat. It comes with removable tray for easy grease clean up.

    Dyna-Glo DGU732BDE-D


    • It is easy to clean because of the removable tray
    • Airtight door and high insulation to retain heat
    • Easy to use or control


    • The build quality of the smoker has been reported to be weak by a few customers

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  9. Char-Broil analog smoker

    This smoker by Char-Broil weighs 49.5 has overall dimensions of 15 x 20.7 x 33.5 inches which provides cooking space of 544 Sq. inches.

    This smoker is one of the best options available in the market. Its double walled construction helps in proper insulation and the three racks in the smoker are chrome plated which facilitates easy clean up. It comes with a temperature gauge at the door of the smoker and has double latch to provide airtight seal. It has large wood chip box which enables you to cook for longer hours without refilling. Water pan and drip tray are an added advantage to the smoker as it helps in easy cleaning.

    Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker


    • Large wood chip box
    • It is properly insulated
    • The airtight seal helps in heat retention
    • Relatively affordable


    • The smoker is compact but heavy for its size

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  10. Royal Gourmet electric smoker

    This 48.5-pound electric smoker with overall dimensions of 37.1 x 19 x 20.6 inches provides cooking space of 457.86 Sq. inches. It is made from Stainless-steel making it durable. The smoker is manufactured by Royal Gourmet Corp which is one of the most trusted brands in the market.

    The smoker comes with 3 chrome-coated racks which can be adjusted. The heating element is of 1500 watts which provides even and consistent temperature for cooking. The construction of the smoker helps in heat retention. It comes with removable water pan and lidded chip box. The latch system of the smoker helps in airtight seal.

    Royal Gourmet SE2801


    • It is easy to clean as it comes with independent grease cup
    • The smoker has powerful heating element and airtight seal
    • It is relatively affordable than other smokers


    • Many customers have reported that the temperature for the smoker is not high enough and often takes a lot of time in cooking.

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Buying an electric smoker can be a stressful as it requires considerable amount of money, and it is usually purchased with a mindset to use it for years to come. And so, making the right choice becomes even more crucial. Below are a few frequently asked questions which will surely help answer a few of your own queries:

  1. Can a smoking gun replace an electric smoker?

    Smoking gun is the quickest option to bring in smoky flavor in the food. Just use it over your freshly prepared food, wait for a few minutes and, voila, you get the smoky flavor you wanted. Though this is the quickest and easiest way to smoke your foods, but a meal cooked in a low and even temperature in a smoker will have imbibed smoky flavor which would be hard to beat. Both of the ways have different advantages and one can choose according to his preference.

  2. What are top-rated electric smokers?

    There are many options available in the market but smokers from Char-Broil, Cuisinart, MasterBuilt, Dyna-Glo, Bradley, to name a few, are one of the best options you can get with the trust of the brand.

  3. Which electric smoker to buy?

    This depends upon your need. Every smoker has its own specifications based on cooking capacity, price, ease of use and storage, etc. It is important to shortlist what you want in a smoker and then make the right choice for yourself.

Smoky flavored food is now easy to make with the electric smokers present in the market. Make the right choice by giving the priority to your preference. Enjoy the flavored food at the convenience of your home.